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1. 廉铭铭(),冯乔乔(),王龙飞(),牛利永,赵宗生(),李小红,张治军.Highly effective immobilization of Pb and Cd in severely contaminated soils by environment-compatible, mercapto-functionalized reactive nanosilica. Journal of Cleaner Production. 2019-10-20.

2. 廉铭铭(),冯乔乔(),王龙飞(),牛利永,赵宗生(),李小红,张治军.Highly effective immobilization of Pb and Cd in severely contaminated soils by environment-compatible, mercapto-functionalized reactive nanosilica. Journal of Cleaner Production. 019-10-20.

3. 刘亚辉(),李淼(),杨津津(),薛文悦(),冯诗雨(),宋金生,唐正(),马伟(),薄志山().High-efficiency As-cast Organic Solar Cells Based on Acceptors with Steric Hindrance Induced Planar Terminal Group. Adv. Energy Mater. 019-08-01.9.1901280.

4. 明守利(),张彩娥(),姜鹏程(),蒋庆林(),马在飞(),宋金生,薄志山().Impact of the Bonding Sites at the Inner or Outer pi-Bridged Positions for Non-Fullerene Acceptors. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. 2019-05-16.

5. 李淼(),周圆圆(),张建齐(),宋金生,薄志山().Tuning the Dipole Moments of Nonfullerene Acceptors with Asymmetric Terminal Strategy for Highly Efficient Organic Solar Cells. J. Mater. Chem. A. 2019-04-16.

6. 关中杰,潘静文(),李秋叶,李国强,杨建军.Boosting Visible-Light Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution with an Efficient CuInS2/ZnIn2S4 2D/2D Heterojunction. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. 2019-03-18.

7. 张巧然(),李志伟,李小红,余来贵,张治军,吴志申.Zinc ferrite nanoparticle decorated boron nitride nanosheet: Preparation, magnetic field arrangement, and flame retardancy. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL. 2019-01-15.356.680-692.

8. 肖利敏(),刘太丰,张敏,李秋叶,杨建军.Interfacial Construction of Zero-Dimensional/One-Dimensional g C3N4 Nanoparticles TiO2 Nanotube Arrays with Z Scheme Heterostructure for Improved Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting. ACS Sustainable Chemistry Engineering. 2019-01-10.

9. Viswanath Pasumarthi(),刘太丰.Charge carrier transport dynamics in W/Mo-doped BiVO4: first principles-based mesoscale characterization. Journal of Materials Chemistry A.2019-01-01.3054-3065.

10. 宋金生,薄志山(). Planar copolymers for high-efficiency polymer solar cells. Sci. China Chem. 2019-01-01.

11. 邱晓庆(),Chanchal Kumar Kundu(),李志伟,李小红,张治军. Layer-by-layer-assembled flame-retardant coatings from polydopamine-induced in situ functionalized and reduced graphene oxide. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE. 2019-11-01.54.13848-13862.

12. 黄帅(),张纪伟,杨莉(),龚春红,郭建辉,张平余,李庆伟(),霍开富(),麦立强(),杨建军,张经纬.Inward lithium-ion breathing of hollow carbon spheres-encapsulated Fe3O4@C nanodisc with superior lithium ion storage performance. Journal of Alloys and Compounds. 2019-10-23.16-22.

13. 王肖扬(),张巧然(),张霞,李志伟,张治军.Modifying Epoxy Resins to Resist Both Fire and Water. Langmuir. 2019-10-14.35.14332−14338.

14. 李亚茹(),王如意(),张纪伟,陈建平,杜陈强(),孙天华,刘剑(),龚春红,郭建辉,余来贵,张经纬.Sandwich structure of carbon-coated silicon/carbon nanofiber anodes for lithium-ion batteries. Ceramics International. 2019-10-11.

15. 蒋正权(),张玉娟,杨广彬,高传平,余来贵,张晟卯,张平余.Synthesis of oil-soluble WS2 nanosheets under mild condition and study of their effect on tribological properties of poly-alpha olefin under evaluated temperatures. tribology international. 2019-10-01.

16. 张玉娟,张晟卯,孙德恩(),杨广彬,高传平,周长华,张春丽,张平余.Wide adaptability of Cu nano-additives to the hardness and composition of DLC coatings in DLC PAO solid-liquid composite lubricating system. tribology international. 2019-10-01.

17. 李菲菲(),王晓冬,潘卉,李秋叶,杨建军.Preparation of disk-like α-Fe2O3 nanoparticles and their catalytic effect on extra heavy crude oil upgrading. Fuel. 2019-09-01.251.644-650.

18. 刘太丰.Oxygen Evolution Reaction (OER) on Clean and Oxygen Defcient Low-Index SrTiO3 Surfaces:A Theoretical Systematic Study. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. 2019-08-14.

19. 李秋艳(),张纪伟,龚春红,郭建辉,余来贵,张经纬.Spinel LiMn2O4 cathode materials for lithium storage: The regulation of exposed facets and surface coating. Ceramics International. 2019-08-01.13198–13202.

20. 刘太丰.Photocatalytic Facet Selectivity in BiVO4 Nanoparticles:Polaron Electronic Structure and Thermodynamic Stability Considerations for Photocatalysis. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2019-07-26.

21. 蒋正权(),杨广彬,张玉娟,高传平,马静毅,张晟卯,张平余,张玉娟.Facile method preparation of oil-soluble tungsten disulfide nanosheets and their tribological properties over a wide temperature range. tribology international. 2019-07-01.

22. 单震(),史建武,徐婉(),李春丽,王华.Organic field-effect transistors based on biselenophene derivatives as active layers. Dyes and Pigments. 2019-06-26.171.107675.

23. 贾文慧(),刘太丰,李秋叶,杨建军.Highly efficient photocatalytic reduction of CO2 on surface-modified Ti-MCM-41 zeolite. Catalysis Today. 2019-01-01.221-227.

24. 赵军华(),杨广彬,张春丽,张玉娟,张晟卯,张平余.Synthesis of water-soluble Cu nanoparticles and evaluation of their tribological properties and thermal conductivity as a water-based additive. Friction. 2019-06-01.7.246-259.

25. 李智(),尹青福(),胡巍巍(),张纪伟,郭建辉,陈建平,孙天华,杜陈强(),舒杰(),余来贵,张经纬.Tin/tin antimonide alloy nanoparticles embedded in electrospun porous carbon fibers as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries. Journal of Materials Science. 2019-05-07.9025–9033.

26. 明守利(),刘亚辉(),冯诗雨(),姜鹏程(),张彩娥(),李淼(),宋金生,薄志山().Fused-ring acceptor with a spiro-bridged ladder-type core for organic solar cells. Dyes and Pigments. 2019-04-18.

27. 侯莉莉(),关中杰,刘太丰,李秋叶,杨建军.Synergistic effect of {101} crystal facet and bulk/surface oxygen vacancy ratio on the photocatalytic hydrogen production of TiO2. international journal of hydrogen energy. 2019-03-07..8109-8120.

28. 黄丽娜(),周长华,张玉娟,张晟卯,张平余.DBHP-Functionalized ZnO Nanoparticles with Improved Antioxidant Properties as Lubricant Additives. Langmuir. 2019-02-27.

29. 李娟,李博文(),李秋叶,杨建军.The effect of N-doped form on visible light photoactivity of Z-scheme gC3N4/TiO2photocatalyst. Applied Surface Science. 2019-02-01.466.268–273.

30. 何亚丽(),万梦辉(),王治华,张霞,赵彦保,孙磊.Fabrication and characterization of degradable and durable fluoride-free super-hydrophobic cotton fabrics for oil/water separation. Surface & Coating Technology. 2019-11-25.378.125079.

31. 赵军华(),杨广彬,张玉娟,张晟卯,张平余.A Simple Preparation of HDA CuS Nanoparticles and Their Tribological Properties as a Water Based Lubrication Additive. Tribology Letters. 2019-07-10.67.88.

32. 刘培松(),牛利永,陶晓贺(),李小红,张治军.Facile preparation of superhydrophobic quartz sands with micro-nano-molecule hierarchical structure for controlling the permeability of oil and water phase. COLLOIDS AND SURFACES A-PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING ASPECTS. 2019-05-20.

33. 王欢欢(),卢海涛(),张霞.Super-robust superamphiphobic surface with anti- icing property. RSC Advances.2019-05-13.9.27702-27709.

34. 邹雪艳,赵彦保,张治军.Preparation of hydroxyapatite nanostructures with different morphologies. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology. 2019-04-29.

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36. 胡显祥(),Zhijie Zhang(),Yao Lu(),Rui Liu(),孙磊,Ivan P. Parkin(),张霞.One‐step synthesis of Ag@PS nanospheres via flash nanoprecipitation. Appl Organometal Chem..2019-02-04.33.:e4713.

37. 刘建(),张小兵(),卢修强(),林爱琴(),李小红,张治军.Improving mechanical properties of silicone rubber for use as outdoor insulator sheds by manipulating matrix-filler interfacial compatibility. Materials Research Express. 2019-10-20.

38. 邱晓庆(),李志伟,李小红,余来贵,张治军.Construction and flame-retardant performance of layer-by-layer assembled hexagonal boron nitride coatings on flexible polyurethane foams. JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE. 2019-08-05.136.47839.

39. 邢晓蕾(),朱慧慧(),张敏,肖利敏(),李秋叶,杨建军.Effect of heterojunctions and phase-junctions on visible-light photocatalytic hydrogen evolution in BCN-TiO2 photocatalysts. Chemical Physics Letters. 2019-05-29.

40. 张巧然(),李志伟,李小红,余来贵,张治军,吴志申.Preparation of Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticle-Decorated Boron Nitride Nanosheet Flame Retardant and Its Flame Retardancy in Epoxy Resin. NANO. 2019-05-01.14.1950063.

41. 巫云萍(),杨艳(),张志杰(),王治华,赵彦保,孙磊.Fabrication of cotton fabrics with durable antibacterial activities finishing by Ag nanoparticles. Textile Research Journal. 2019-03-15.89.867-880.

42. 陶晓贺(),郭赛(),刘培松(),李小红,张治军.Adjustment of Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Balance of Hexamethyldisilazane-Modified Nanosilica for Enhanced Oil Recovery. nano. 2019-02-15.

43. 王春楠(),杜静(),刘培松(),苏宇航(),李小红,张治军.Pentaerythritol encapsulated with boric acid: An efficient compositecrosslinker for guar gum fracturing fluid. Journal of Applied Polymer Scienc. 2019-10-21.

44. 蔡磊(),赵远进(),张新萍(),贺爱华(),丁涛,李小红,张治军.表面改性SiO2SSBR/BR绿色轮胎胎面胶结构与性能的影响.高等学校化学学报. 2019-11-22.40.2388-2395.

45. 田庆丰(),唐源(),刘亚兰(),张春华(),丁涛,李小红,张治军.表面功能化纳米SiO2的制备及其在溶液聚合丁苯橡胶-顺丁橡胶中的应用.复合材料学报. 2019-11-13.

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47. 刘培松(),牛利永,陶晓贺(),李小红,张治军.Hydrophobic silica with potential for water-injection augmentation of low-permeability reservoir: drag reduction and self-cleaning ability in relation to interfacial interactions. ACS OMEGA. 2019-09-20.

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50. 王慧(),朱凯毅(),阎利卫(),魏灿(),张玉,龚春红,郭建辉,张纪伟,张东茂(),张经纬.Efficient and scalable high-quality graphene nanodot fabrication through confined lattice plane electrochemical exfoliation. Chem. Commun. 2019-05-09.5805-5808 .

51. 张经纬,黄帅(),张纪伟,杨莉(),龚春红,郭建辉,张平余,李庆伟(),霍开富(),麦立强(),杨建军.Inward lithium-ion breathing of hollow carbon spheres-encapsulated Fe3O4@C nanodisc with superior lithium ion storage performance. Journal of Alloys and Compounds. 2019-03-13.16-22.