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Postdoctoral Researchers Recruitment

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Requirements for application

1. Applicant must graduate with a doctorate within the last 2 years and should be no more than 35 years old. Excellent in both learning and character, healthy both physically and mentally, team-work spirit.

2. Personnel archives need to be transferred to Henan University as full-time employee.

3. Solid research foundation and great academic development potentials including:

Applicants should have the experience of hosting or participating in the scientific research projects at and above national level, at least 1 thesis been included in SCI.

Recruitment Professional: Nanochemistry; Lubricant materials/Tribology; Chemical Engineering; Large scale synthesis and application of two-dimension materials; Catalysis chemistry; Electrochemistry; Polymer chemistry; Organic chemistry; Applied chemistry

Scientific research results, awards, patents or other outstanding breakthroughs been recognized by peers in relevant disciplines, and entrance qualification been verified by expert panel organized by the postdoctoral station.

Applicant should have a relatively high level of foreign language proficiency, preferable if China Scholarship Council foreign language requirements satisfied.

To improve internationalizationwhen recruiting foreign applicants graduating from prestigious universities, the Protocol shall serve as reference.

Duration and Content of Work

1. Working duration is 36 months, which can be extended to 48 months, according to project situation, with approvals from post doctoral stations and applicants’ situation reviewed by Post Doctor Management Committee (PDMC for short) Office of Henan University. If exceeding 48 months, applicants will be moved out of station.

2. Applicants can leave station after 21 months if scientific research tasks fulfilled and leaving-station requirements satisfied, while application must be approved by stations.

3. Postdoctoral researchers must follow job description listed in work contracts/arrangements/contents and undertake certain tasks as teaching, student training and scientific research.

Recruitment Procedures

1. Postdoctoral station shall report recruitment plan to PDMC Office and submit it to the Post-Doctor Regulatory Commission for approval. The number of prospecting PhD students graduating from Henan University shall not exceed 10% of the total number of postdoctoral researchers recruited in that year.

2. Doctors meeting postdoctoral recruitment requirements shall apply to postdoctoral station, after which an experts panel will be appointed to review the application.

3. PDMC Office reports to executive school leader for approval after reviewing application materials.

4. PDMC Office is responsible for signing the Postdoctoral Working Agreements (hereinafter referred to as the Agreements) with applicants, and for handling the entrance formalities.


1. Postdoctoral researchers shall not be incorporated in institutional staff while in the station, but shall enjoy equal treatments as staff of the stationed unit.

2. Postdoctoral researchers shall be paid by the standard of associate professor, and shall enjoy social insurance according to relevant regulations.

3. Postdoctoral researchers  enjoy an annual work allowance of 60,000 yuan granted by Henan University. Postdoctoral Station or cooperative supervisors may grant work allowance at the proportion of 1:1, which can be paid from various funds of construction or scientific research projects of stationed units.

4. Initiative funding: 60,000 yuan for liberal arts and non-experimental science; 10,000 yuan for experimental science, engineering and medicine.

5. Postdoctoral researchers are encouraged to solve housing problems and receive a housing allowance of 1,500 yuan/month. University housing policy or postdoctoral apartment enjoyed, housing allowance will no longer be available.

6. In areas of key disciplines or scarce specialties, or owning experiences of hosting or participating in major projects at national level, or having overseas study experience and has obtained high-quality results, treatment may be settled through negotiation between applicants and stationed units. If exceeding the above mentioned standard, stationed units and cooperative supervisors are responsible to cover the rest.

7. Scientific research results beyond the of missions of the Agreements shall be rewarded in accordance with relevant regulations.

Email: zsm@vip.henu.edu.cn

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