HENAN UNIVERSITY | Engineering Research Center for Nanomaterials (ERCN)

National & Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Applied Technology of Hybrid Nanomaterials


Brief Introduction

The Engineering Research Center for Nanomaterials (ERCN) of Henan University was found in August 2015, and then approved by the National Development and Reform Commission to establish the National & Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Applied Technology of Hybrid Nanomaterials in December 2015.

Now the ERCN comprises four research groups including Chemistry for Preparation of Nanomaterials, Nanomaterials for Lubrication, Environmental and Energy Catalysis and Organic Functional Materials as well as one industrial pilot base. A total of 37 faculty and staff members are currently working at the ERCN, including 15 professors and 31 Ph.D. Possessing about 3000 square meter of laboratory rooms as well as about 1500 square meter of pilot plants, ERCN now owns a series of advanced analytical facilities with a value of up to 40-million RMB. Besides, as an integrated scientific research institution devoted to undergraduate and postgraduate education, sci-tech exploration, and industrial applications of major scientific findings as well as research achievements, it also offers an R & D platform to conduct pilot industrialization of novel technologies and materials.

Driven by national development strategy and market demand, ERCN aims at resolving the basic scientific issues and breaking though the bottlenecks related to the industrial preparation and application of nanomaterials. For acquiring key technologies and independent intellectual property rights, it has been dedicated to developing large scale synthesis techniques for high-performance multifunctional nanomaterials and cultivating potential engineers and technicians for innovations in relevant fields. To date, ENCN has been engaged in the systematic studies of hybrid nanomaterials for years. Particularly, it has established the in-situ surface modification technique for preparing nanomaterials especially nanoparticles, providing a promising technical pathway to fabricating novel functionalized nanomaterials with improved physical-chemical stability and enhanced dispersion stability.

With good competitiveness and distinct advantages in the preparation and industrial application of nanomaterials, ERCN as a booming research institute is well ready to undertake academic exchange and cooperation with related individuals and institutions at home and abroad.