HENAN UNIVERSITY | Engineering Research Center for Nanomaterials (ERCN)

National & Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Applied Technology of Hybrid Nanomaterials

Chemistry for Preparation of Nanomaterials

Brief introduction

  Our Lab is focused on the chemical preparation of functional nanomaterials, investigation of their properties in energy-related and biomedical fields, and developing the industrial scale production techniques and application. Especially, we are interested in the novel strategies fabrication for nanomaterials through chemical method; designing and controlling the materials structure and composition, understanding the structure-function relationships in the materials.  

After our efforts of more than 20 years, the Lab has developed various chemical preparation techniques for nanomaterials, became an influential research Lab with its distinct feature, and trained a group of talented researchers and postgraduates. As a booming and energetic research group, We warmly welcome ambitious researchers and students to join us.