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National & Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Applied Technology of Hybrid Nanomaterials

Nanomaterials for Lubrication

Introduction of Our Group

Our group is focused on the design and preparation of inorganic nanoparticles. Furthermore, their organic functionalization and tribol-ogical performance are two major assessment targets. Eco-friendly nano-additives in oil and additives of cutting fluids are prepared by making use of molecular design and manipulation, as well as design and selection of the surface modifier.And,under rigorous working conditions, evolution rules of lubricating materials composites, micro/nano structure and performance are deep investigated. Various advanced technologies and methods, such as multi-function ion beam deposition, electrodeposition, self-assembly and LB deposition, were used to prepare anticorrosive, antifriction and wear resistant composite films. In-depth study about the relationship between the microstructure and the enhancement effect of thin film was conducted to establish the design and preparation theory of applied nano-composite thin films, to develop the anti- friction and anti-wear film materials.

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