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Industrial Pilot Base

Introduction of Pilot base

Pilot  base  mainly  focuses  on  the  research  of  preparative  chemistry  of  nanomaterials,  anticipates  to  synthesize  functional nanomaterials using chemical approaches and conducts investigation towards their properties and practical application. As one of  the pioneers in this area, we have been engaged in the chemical synthesis of in-situ surface modified nanoparticles since 1980s.  Within   the   last   decades,  we  have  developed   innovative   techniques  in  chemical  synthesis  and  surface  modification  of  nanomaterials, established our own research areas and features, educated a large number of graduates and been recognized by the acadedanmic and industry from both domestic and abroad.

Pilot  base  have  been sponsored by more than 10 national-level programs including Major State Basic Research Program (973), National High Technology Research and Development Program (863), National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and Major  Program  of  NSFC, and  more  than  20  ministerial  and provincial-level programs as well dozens of enterprise-supported projects.