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Environmental and Energy Catalysis

Energy and Environmental Catalysis Group

Energy and Environmental Catalysis Group are devoting to design and synthesis of nano-optical functional material for photocatalytic water splitting, CO2 reduction, and organic pollutant degradation. A series of creative achievements have been obtained since 2000, especially for the composition, structure, formation mechanism, photoelectric and photocatalytic properties of nanotube titanic acid and its derivatives. Recently, our research interests are extending to new photocatalysis materials, such as, defective semiconductors, chalcogenides, organic polymer, and so on.

Since 2014, we have started the research of catalytic upgrading andemulsification viscosity reduction of heavy crude oil. Our goal is to synthesize the highly efficient and cheap viscosity-reducers using the chemical process, and explore their application in enhanced heavy oil recovery.

        Master and Doctoral candidates or Postdoctoral researcher were welcomed.