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Prof. Alexander Kuhn gave a lecture about “ Electrochemistry: from functionals to applications” at the "Overseas Lecture Hallof Henan University"

2021年11月17日 15:30  点击:[]

Prof. Alexander Kuhn, the foreign Distinguished Professor of Henan University, was invited to give lectures with the topic of "Fundamentals and Applications of Electrochemistry" in “the Overseas Lecture Hall of Henan University” on November 1st-4th. The young teachers and all graduate students from the Nanomaterials Engineering Research Center attended this lecture. These lectures were chaired by Prof. Lin Zhang, who was following up the teaching guidance throughout the whole process.

Prof. Alexander Kuhn introduced a series of classical theoretical models of electrode/solution interface reaction, the application of Cottrell equation and Sand equation in electrochemistry and some mainly measurement techniques, such as linear voltammetry, cyclic voltammetry and rotating disk. During the course, Prof. Alexander Kuhn's aroused students' strong interests and had a good interaction with the students, which laid a solid foundation for students to accumulate electrochemistry knowledge.

Lastly, Prof. Alexander Kuhn introduced some practical applications in (bio)electrochemistry such as biosensing, bioelectrochemical synthesis and biofuel pool. For students’ concerned, they known the electrochemistry as a kind of clean energy has been used in many research fields.

Through the four-days "Overseas lecture Hall" course, students have benefited a lot. They not only learned the basic theory of electrochemistry, but also broadened their scientific research horizon and ideas, aroused their strong interest in electrochemical research, and laid a solid foundation for future scientific research.

Profile: Prof. Alexander KUHN is currently a full professor at Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Biologie et de Physique (ENSCBP), University of Bordeaux. He has published 200 papers in international journals with a total citation >6500, such as Nature Chemistry, J. Am. Chem. Soc., Adv. Mater., etc. He was awarded as ‘ISE fellow’ by the International Society of Electrochemistry in 2020. He took scientific and administrative responsibilities in several international organizations: Chair, chair elect and past Chair of the Bioelectrochemistry division of the International Society of Electrochemistry, treasurer and vice treasurer of the Bioelectrochemical Society, board member of the Bioelectrochemical Society and the European section of the Electrochemical Society, and national scientific committee of CNRS in the section Physical, Analytical and Theoretical Chemistry. He was invited to give oral presentation in 60 conferences, participating in the organizing or scientific committees of a total of 21 international and 6 national conferences.

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